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Project: Preston Transport Implementation Strategy

Client: City of Darebin

Martyn Group were the project lead on the delivery of the Preston Transport Implementation Strategy which identified key issues and opportunities for all modes of transport to ensure a well-informed and successful Preston Structure Plan update.


In preparing the Preston Transport Implementation Strategy, Cameron Martyn led a consultant team across tasks including extensive stakeholder engagement, background reports, data, and traffic network modelling to provide a comprehensive analysis of existing and future transport network conditions.

This information was then applied to identify a broad range of project, advocacy and strategic land use and transport network actions. The study provides Council with an empirical evidence basis to support its preferred outcome for the streets and public realm in Preston as it grows, along with the required statutory mechanisms to promote these outcomes. 

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Project: Cremorne Streets and Movement Strategy

Client: City of Yarra

In response to Cremorne’s designation as an Innovation Precinct by the State Government, Martyn Group were engaged by City of Yarra as the lead consultant in partnership with Hansen to prepare the Cremorne Streets and Movement Strategy.

The purpose of the Strategy was to assist Council in the effective planning for a major increase in trip demand associated with land use change and intensification on a movement network which is already operating at, or near, peak vehicle capacity in Cremorne. The Strategy was also designed to enable Council to effectively partner with State Government to determine an effective and well-informed set of design measures to meet a range of precinct objectives relating to liveability, sustainability and equity.


Martyn Group and Hansen Partnership delivered a design response based on a range of supporting documentation and data, State and Local policy guidance, careful analysis of the impact of forecast changes to the land use and transport environment and targeted community engagement. The Strategy included a proposed Street Network Classification and supporting design work for key hotspots on the network.

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Project: Croydon Major Activity Centre Transport and Movement Assessment

Client: City of Croydon

Martyn Group was engaged by Croydon Council as the lead consultant in partnership with Impact Traffic and Transport to prepare the Croydon Major Activity Centre Traffic and Movement Assessment. The purpose of this document was to inform an update of the Croydon Town Centre Structure Plan and achieve the Maroondah 2040 Council Plan vision of walkable neighbourhoods, effective on-road and off-road transport networks and access to a range of sustainable transport options. 

A strong understanding of all components of the current transport network, along with future demands, travel behaviour and proposed changes, was required to inform the Assessment and provide a strong evidence basis to future Council planning and decision making. The project incorporated detailed traffic analysis to determine the capacity of the existing road network to accommodate future growth in demand, and addresses the likely impact on travel behaviour, traffic movement and volumes and land use change related to a potential future grade-separated level crossing of Coolstore Road.

The Transport and Movement Assessment set the foundation for an access network hierarchy for all modes that provided the most efficient use of street space and improved safety, access and amenity. The identified actions and recommendations were based on industry best-practice for all modes of transport and aimed at achieving centre objectives through informing a successful Croydon MAC Structure Plan update. 

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Project: Strategic Transport Planning and Project Delivery

Client: City of Stonnington

Martyn Group has been engaged by the Transport and Parking and City Strategy teams of Stonnington Council to provide in-house strategic project identification, development, and management expertise along with stakeholder engagement advice for a range of sustainable transport and land use planning initiatives.

Expert guidance and project support are being provided for development of the Integrated Transport Strategy, Cycling Strategy refresh, Chapel Street public realm, safety and access improvements, Forrest Hill access planning, parking management analysis and other sustainable transport improvement initiatives. A key component of the role is providing a strong evidenced based response to transport challenges and management of interfaces with internal (strategic and statutory planning), external (DoT, Yarra Trams, Rail Projects Victoria) and community stakeholders.

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Project: Darebin Streets for People, Feasibility Study

Client: City of Darebin

Winner Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA) award - Landscape Planning


Martyn Group partnered with Hansen to undertake a re-imagining of what local streets can be for the community across a set of defined corridors within Darebin. The project challenges conventional ideas around street design and function within the community and required the consultant team to think creatively about the future street network, as well as anticipate the likely risks associated with significant change.

The consultant team were tasked with delivering on the visions and objectives for the Streets for People corridors which included:

  • Redefining parts of the local street network to prioritise sustainable transport modes; and to be safe, functional and inviting to those who live, work or study in the local area.

  • Ensuring that roads are designed as safe, low stress bike riding and walking environments by introducing streetscaping, place-making, road safety treatments, bicycle specific treatments and significantly improving access across major roads.

  • Providing high quality corridors for people walking and cycling across Darebin, and creating premium connections to key destinations

  • Creating a leading example in Melbourne of how, working closely with the community, neighbourhoods can be transformed to respond to local issues, which can then be promoted as a “best practice” example for further expansion of the program to other neighbourhoods and corridors.


Key tasks for the project included testing the feasibility of various treatments / options identified Streets for People corridors, working closely with Council and key stakeholders, from an initial issues identification stage. The outcome of the project was the preparation of concept designs to challenge conventional thinking that are deliverable and provide the best possible outcome against project objectives.


Project: Paisley Precinct, Footscray

Client: City of Maribyrnong

Martyn Group partnered with Hansen to prepare the Paisley Precinct Public Realm Plan to provide a strategic vision for the functionality and public realm improvement within the Footscray Central Activity Centre core area, a designated pedestrian priority area within the Footscray Structure Plan (March 2014).

The Public Realm Plan is concentrated along Paisley Street and key connections to existing/ future open spaces and public transport nodes and sets out an evidenced-based design approach to identify actions that fulfill the following objectives:

  • To facilitate a balanced, sustainable, efficient and safe transport network within Footscray that encourages walking, cycling and public transport over motorised vehicles.

  • To provide an accessible and equitable public realm.

  • To support the role and function of the Centre in the long term.

  • To create public realm that has regard to existing and future development  activity centre core aspiration.

  • To provide services and infrastructure required for the level of anticipated development that do not inhibit the opportunities for integrated sustainable transport and improvement to the streetscape presentation.


The Plan  provides the ‘road-map’ for project implementation in the short term (0-5 years), medium term (5-10 years) and long terms (10+ years) as part of City of Maribyrnong’s Capital Works Program, advocating for State and other external funding and contributions from investors and developers.

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Project: Transport Advisory - Local Government

Client: City of Port Phillip, City of Darebin

Martyn Group Director, Cameron Martyn, provides a range of expert advisory services to local government clients across Melbourne. 

These roles generally involve working with a range of key internal and external stakeholders to achieve Council Plan objectives in relation to integrated transport and land use planning, sustainable transport strategies, car parking policy and management of the local access and movement network. 


Martyn Group recognise the varied nature of the role and requirements of Local Government in an increasingly complex integrated transport and land use planning environment. We are able to ensure Council clients are provided with support, resourcing and technical expertise in transport planning, project management and stakeholder engagement, along with providing strong value for money in delivery of all services.


Project: Da Nang Railway Connectivity Improvement & Urban Development Study, Vietnam

Client: World Bank and City of Da Nang, Vietnam

Cameron Martyn was engaged as the integrated transport planning expert on an international team undertaking a Preliminary Feasibility Study for the proposed relocation of DaNang’s Central Railway Station to a new railway mainline in the western part of the City. The study includes the following objectives:

  • To ensure that the new DaNang Central Station is well integrated and connected into the existing and future format of DaNang City and surrounding areas through transit-oriented site design and urban transport improvements;

  • To enable the Station relocation to serve as a catalyst for urban intensification and improvement of the western City growth area;

  • To ensure the redevelopment of the existing Station realises tangible benefits to existing neighbourhoods and local users;

  • Redeveloping the area occupied by the existing station and ancillary properties according to sustainable, transit-oriented development principles and as a potential source of financing for the entire study; and

  • To assess and identify the most effective and appropriate mass transit mode for the remnant rail corridor.

An imporant component of the project is working with and training a local consultant team in transit oriented development planning and best practice, to aid capacity building within this sector in Vietnam.


Project: Monash Integrated Transport Strategy

Client: City of Monash

Martyn Group partnered with the Institute for Sensible Transport to deliver the Monash Integrated Transport Strategy to provide a clear framework for the future planning and development of the transport system to 2036 and beyond. The Monash Integrated Transport Strategy draws on research, data analysis, stakeholder and community input to recommend transport and land use actions to achieve sustainable growth and development within Monash. The document also provides guidance on prioritising and implementing actions and measures of policy success.

A set of five specific directions have been proposed to encourage best practice integrated transport and land use planning within Monash. Strategic goals have been recommended under each of these directions to help achieve the document vision.


The project included a high level of community and stakeholder engagement to guide strategic directions and assist City of Monash to work closely with key partners to identify and deliver the most effective actions. 


Project: Cremorne Integrated Transport Strategy

Client: City of Yarra

Martyn Group was engaged by the City of Yarra to provide integrated transport and land use planning guidance and assist Council to prepare a strategy to minimise impacts on existing communities while providing for the transport implications of significant future land use change within Cremorne. 

The strategy will:

  • Consider the potential transport implications and limiting factors on a range future development options including local access networks for all modes, car parking and congestion.

  • Apply contemporary academic and industry research to identify best practice and inform the most appropriate approach to delivering integrated transport and land use planning  

  • Identify options to address both potential transport demand and future network supply/capacity – including mode shift, public transport service level and accessibility, car parking walking and cycling networks.

  • Identify options for potential land use development controls which take into consideration future transport network limitations – for example car parking limits, precinct density, development typologies

  • Recommend next steps, including identification of areas (and scope) for further analysis and investigation and implementation planning.


Project: Moonee Valley Integrated Transport Plan

Client: Moonee Valley City Council

Martyn Group and the Institute for Sensible Transport were commissioned to develop the Moonee Valley Integrated Transport Plan. This Plan provides Council with a 20 year blueprint guiding transport planning decisions focused on transitioning towards a more accessible, sustainable transport system.


The need for new, flexible approaches to travel demand management is a guiding principle of the Plan. The Strategy has a horizon of 2026, and will provide a strong and clear direction to Council to address and improve transport in Moonee Valley, and enable a coordinated approach by all relevant agencies to the planning, implementation and monitoring of transport programs and projects.


Project: Surabaya Mass Rapid Transit (SMART) Initiative

Client: World Bank and City of Surabaya, Indonesia

Winner 2014 ALIA Victoria award for urban design

Martyn Group was engaged by the World Bank to work in partnership with Hansen, World Bank, Singapore University of Technology and Design and other international experts to formulate and deliver an intensive stakeholder engagement process to inform strong integrated transport and land use outcomes for proposed mass rapid transit (tram and monorail) corridor projects.


The project applies best practice transit-oriented development (TOD) and pedestrian-oriented design (POD) to deliver a major metropolitan public transport initiative in Indonesia’s second largest city.  The resulting detailed analysis and vision delivers an urban corridor alongside a proposed north-south aligned 18km tram route passing through central Surabaya – a growing city crippled by congestion and disparate development planning.


The proposed tram forms part of a major urban improvement and sustainability program initiated by the City of Surabaya. Rather than approaching the project as a blunt infrastructure initiative alone, the City has drawn upon international expertise to ensure that fundamental principles relating to sustainability, densification, heritage, economic development and connectivity form the basis of a more sustainable mode of infrastructure delivery.


Project: Brunswick Street revitalisation community engagement

Client: City of Yarra

Cameron Martyn was engaged by Yarra Council as facilitator for three Community Reference groups to investigate ideas and provide guidance to Council for the strategic vision and planning for the corridor. The process focussed on providing a community driven response to future priorities, and balancing the competing needs of various road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, trams, parking and private cars, along with consideration for residents, visitors, business operators, and commuters.


Project: Inner Melbourne Action Plan update

Client: IMAP (City of Stonnington lead)

Martyn Group was engaged by IMAP (representing the five inner-Melbourne Councils of Stonnington, Yarra, Port Phillip, Melbourne and Maribyrnong) as the transport lead on the project team to undertake a the review of the Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP), including facilitating stakeholder and reference group workshops, Council committee presentations and consultation, writing the new Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2015 – 2025 and developing the associated graphic design elements (maps, plans, images).


The aim of the project was to inform a new Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2015 - 2025 for the region to address the issues and opportunities associated with significant population growth over the next 20-30 years. A key component of the plan will be transport infrastructure considerations to enable effective accessibility for future populations.


Project: Stonnington Activity Centre Strategy

Client: City of Stonnington

Martyn Group partnered with Echelon Planning to prepare a new activity centre framework for the City of Stonnington. The Framework focusses on the role of neighbourhood and local activity centres in meeting the shopping, recreation, employment, community and housing needs of local neighbourhoods across the municipality.


A series of framework plans were developed for each neighbourhood centre.  These determine the boundary of each centre, as well as identifying urban design, economic development, walkability, community services, and transport improvements for each centre. The activity centre policies of the Stonnington Planning Scheme will be updated as a result of the project


Project: Strategic transport project planning and delivery

Client: City of Darebin

Martyn Group was engaged by the Transport Management department of Darebin Council to provide project identification and development expertise along with stakeholder engagement advice for a range of strategic transport and land use planning initiatives.


Expertise and support was provided for development of:

  • Darebin Primary Pedestrian Network (PPN) and Walking Strategy

  • Public Transport Victoria Tram 86 and 11 extension and upgrade projects

  • Melbourne Water M40 project liaison

  • Safe Travel Strategy

  • Local Area Traffic Management and Public Realm improvements, and a range of other transport projects.


Project: Hobsons Bay Activity Centre Strategy

Client: City of Hobsons Bay

Martyn Group are providing integrated transport and land use planning expertise on the project team engaged by the City of Hobsons Bay to prepare the Activity Centre Strategy. The new Strategy aims to provide a 20 year direction on the Council’s land use policy and resource allocation in the Activity Centres and consider the social, economic and environmental benefits in alignment with new local and State policy.

The output was a comprehensive land use and development framework including transport infrastructure upgrades and access improvement to guide the development of Activity Centres.

other projects

Martyn Group Director, Cameron Martyn, has extensive experience in planning and managing a range of projects for both the public and private sector. These projects inlcuding transport strategies, structure plans and structure plan reveiws, transport policy formulation, activity centre planning and development, integrated public transit planning, land development and infrastruture planning. 

We would be happy to discuss any aspect of our project work with you and can provide referees and testimonials upon request.